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Good sign for the Redskins this weekend

I am always confident that we will beat the Dallas Cowgirls. Jessica Simpson's support for the cowgirls does not hurt either.


back to their old ways

The redskins went back to their old ways (by that i dont mean the Gibbs I era) and stunk it up on offense while the defense was solid as they always are. Suisham has always had issues from beyond 40 yards which shows he's not an NFL kicker (yes i know he was on a streak this season, but that streak's a fluke if i ever saw one.) I'm not even hanging this on Suisham since the CYA (cover your ass) play calling killed them more than anything else.

pathetic, redskins, just pathetic

I thought you were in Europe?

Don't tell me you watched the game from there. If so, Skins should have won the game just because of your dedication. The offense moved the ball well enough, but stupid penalties in critical situation just killed us. Betts and Rhino out for the season. What a weired season!

hard to find a redskins game in paris....

nope couldnt find a bar with the skins game on, although found one that was showing the dallas game last night so got my football fix in then.

with all those injuries are the redskins just giving up on the season or are they legit injuries? Dare i say it might be worth looking to the draft next year?