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Next Coach?

I know this article comes right after a victory, but it's a foregone conclusion that Coach Jim Zorn will be the gone after this year. The question then is, “Who should be the next coach of the Redskins”?

Let’s get this out of the way first, there has to be a smart and savvy (at the very least, competent) GM in the front office. If that doesnt happen then the next coach of the ‘skins becomes a moot point since it still leaves Dan and Vinny making the decisions.

Some are in the Mike Shannhan camp, Jon Gruden camp, or even Mike Holmgren camp; however, I doubt they will come to this team after they saw the treatment of Zorn (and we do not need another high profile coach).

I think the next coach of the Redskins should be (drum roll)…Russ Grimm.

I know some people are scared to move a positions coach (OL) into a full time coach, but, I think he is in the mold of Mike Smith (of Atlanta) and Tony Sparano (Miami). What do those two coaches have in common? They were unspectacular hires who turned their respective franchises around in a season. He has an impressive resume: played high level football with the Redskins own Hogs, in the Bill Cowher coaching lineage, coached up a super bowl winning OL with the Steelers, coached up a previously terrible OL with Arizona to lead them to the super bowl (this was, by far, the most impressive because most of the players on that OL are mediocre at best and were absolutely terrible in previous years), etc.

He will also bring a smash mouth mentality to match their already brutal defense. This is the ideal methodology for success in the NFC (B)(L)East. Also (minus the OL) the personnel on offense already fit’s that mold. Ladell Betts & Rock are power backs with limited mileage on them; Jason Campbell is a QB that will THRIVE in a conservative (turnover free) offense, Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas, Chris Cooley & Fred Davis are big threats necessary (sprinkle in  a Santana Moss big play) to go over the middle and get the first downs. If the new GM (hopefully) can collect some young talent on the OL, then Russ Grimm can coach them up (if you can do it in Arizona, you can do it anywhere). I think this is the quickest and healthiest path to success for the Washington Redskins.

2 cents

I think the team is committed to a West Coast offense, although the personnel was accumulated for Joe Gibbs type of offense. Hence, I think they may go for a John Gruden, despite his ESPN contract or a Steve Mariucci. I personally think John Gruden is the guy for this team. Although I think Russ Grimm will be a good hire as well.


I actually think Cerrato wants the WC offense (he did come from the 49ers organization-birth place of WC)...however, with him gone, a competent GM would see the personnel fits a more power style offense.